Monday, July 22, 2013


Heading home after attending HISTORICON.  We had a great trip and convention.  I have a couple of things for the War of 1812 from the Con.

1.  I picked up two packs of Knuckleduster figures for the collection.  I got the US Dismounted Staff pack and the US Militia Artillerist pack.  Both are excellent sets of figures.  I will be using the artillerists for my supporting guns at Queenstown Heights game.  The staff are for my army command stands and others specialist stands.

2.  I played in a Chrysler's Farm 1813 game.  I had a really good time.  The terrain was excellent and the figures were well painted.  I played in the game because they were using a set of rules I had not used before, Wellington Rules.  Designed for Napoleonic small unit actions, the rules seemed to work well for Wo1812.  I am considering getting them and trying them out for my games.

3.  In probably the find of the convention among the Northern Conspiracy, I got a set of buildings and a fort for my 1812 collection.  I will post photos as soon as possible.  There are five buildings, an animal pen and stockade fort with blockhouse all assembled and painted, ready to go.  Really good price at the flea market as I got them all for the same money that I was considering spending on a smaller fort and blockhouse kit unpainted!

Overall this was a great con and hopefully this, and the new house, will help get me motivated to get some 1812 gaming going!