Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two New 1812 Units

I have completed two new units for the War of 1812. There is one British/Canadian and one American. Both of the units are for my Queenstown Heights game. The first unit is a battalion of Canadian Militia in round hats. The figures are from the fine Knuckleduster range including center company, flank company and command packs. I really like the figures and because of the wealth of detail of the sculpts, they are pretty easy to paint.

The other unit is the 2nd US Artillery serving as a battalion of infantry. The figures in the this unit come from the Old Glory War of 1812 range and are the regular infantry poses painted in Artillery colors. The figures are pretty well detailed and they didn't take that long to paint - at least not once I got going on them!

With these two units painted, my Queenstown Heights OOB is complete with the correct figures and I am ready to do a second playtest of the scenario. Hopefully I can get that game in during the month of January.

I know that I owe photos of my buildings and now these figures. I am having camera issues right now, but as soon as I get those issues resolved, I will get photos up so everyone can see the new additions.

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