Sunday, October 21, 2012

Battle of Lundy's Lane Refight

I hosted another go at my Lundy's Lane refight on Friday night. We used Volley & Bayonet in Wing Scale. This was at least the fifth or sixth time that we have played this game, although we have been modifying the rules a bit just about every time we played. It was a great battle with much of the back and forth of previous games. Scott's Brigade attacked aggressively and early (very historical) with unfortunately the historical results of being almost completely wiped out! Ripley's Brigade and Porter's militia followed Scott into battle and actually closed with the British on the hill to good effect. The British took a very historical approach in their battle plan also. Guns were placed on the hill and their infantry supported the guns. They fairly well dared the Americans to attack! There was a slightly stronger push south by the British along the Portage Road but it was well handled by the Militia Brigade. Overall the British players had a good battle plan and they definitely had the dice rolls to back up their tactics! It seemed like every time there was a combat resolution or a morale check the appropriate die roll came up! The British were on fire. Overall this was again a very enjoyable scenario which could have gone either way. I am glad we had an opportunity to play the game.

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